IT’S VUCA is a documentary on a mission:

Our success is measured by “social impact” and by empowering everyone to thrive in the 21st Century. We exist to inspire and guide humanity, and you, toward a more abundant, transformative, and hopeful world.

Is your business or organization ready to grow its commitment to preparing tomorrow’s leaders, develop resilience, improve well-being or foresight? If so, then we have a shared mission, vision, purpose, and goal.

Let’s change the world together.

About the IT’S VUCA corporate and Non-Profit programs

Our corporate and Non-Profit programs enable you to screen IT’S VUCA – digitally or physically – and provides a range of workshops, trainings, and conferences that include proven methods and tools to empower your teams to better navigate these VUCA conditions and capitalize on these rapidly accelerating, innovative times (with peace of mind).

By partnering with IT’S VUCA for these programs, you will be:

  • gaining awareness of the positive VUCA solutions that already exist
  • providing a vital message of hope at a time when “flipping the script” on mental health, finances, and world events has never been more urgent
  • inspiring your employees, stakeholders, or donors to see VUCA as an opportunity to change the world for the better
  • positioning your teams to assess, gain awareness, accept, and act in uncertain times that will lead to a more equitable future for all
  • supporting Veteran not-for-profit impact programs and equipping the next generation of leaders.

These programs have been designed to support you to lead in uncertain times – using proven strategies embraced by our elite military forces and some of the world’s most successful companies – that will lead to more sustainable practices and positive behaviors in your workplace.

Unlock your unlimited potential and change the course of human history.  

Key benefits of our Non-Profit Program include:

  • VUCA-Proofing toolkit to assist your Non-Profit to lead in VUCA conditions; includes proven exercises and actions to further your ability to recognize, assess, accept, and act and inspire your employees, stakeholders, and donors
  • Access to our virtual screening room which can be co-branded, and includes LIVE Q & A after the film, plus interactive workbook, and donation capabilities
  • An IT’S VUCA: The Secret to Living in the 21st Century film screening license
  • An event planning and marketing toolkit to support your screening, including promotional assets
  • The opportunity to align your mission with proven VUCA strategies that will help you execute your mission with confidence. Includes messages from the IT’S VUCA Director Chris Nolan or host Mike Schindler and special Q & A events and impact workshops with the IT’S VUCA team.
  • Unique opportunities for learning and knowledge sharing with the IT’S VUCA business community.

Program Availability

Please note that these programs are currently available to NFPs and businesses located in the United States and Canada.



(Intro to VUCA – 1.5 hours)

  • IT’S VUCA workbook to help guide your staff/stakeholders/donors to start their VUCA Warrior training
  • Event planning & marketing toolkit
  • One Hour interactive, virtual introductory training into the history of VUCA, plus three practical VUCA exercises you can deploy
  • Thirty minute (30) virtual Q&A training session with one of our VUCA Team leaders


(Varies: 1 day-14 day trainings)

Learn how to deploy battle-proven leadership strategies and training derived from The Army War College and take your teams to the next level so you can tackle the exponentially accelerating challenges of chaos, crisis, and uncertainty in the 21st Century with confidence.

  • IT’S VUCA workbook to help guide your staff/stakeholders to start their VUCA Warrior training
  • Event planning & marketing toolkit
  • Selection from The Master Guide to Thriving in the 21st Century
    • Six Stages of VUCA
    • The New Heroes Journey for the 21st Century
    • Offensive Mindset
    • Edge of Your Comfort Zone
    • Old Story to New Story
    • Hero-Archies
    • The Rewards of Fear
    • No Pressure, No Diamonds
    • Story vs. Kryptonite
    • Your Brain on VUCA
    • Rivers of Thinking
    • Who’s Running the Story


(Varies: 1 day – 14-day trainings)

You’ll learn the secrets used and practiced by Zen masters, warrior philosophers, sages, and elite military forces to recognize and master adverse VUCA conditions that enable them to “flip the script” so you can actually grow stronger in difficult situations and lead a more balanced, energized, life.

  • IT’S VUCA workbook to help guide your staff/stakeholders to start their VUCA Warrior training
  • Event planning & marketing toolkit
  • Selection from The Master Guide to Thriving in the 21st Century
      • One Minute Life Saver
      • Controlling the Controllables
      • Anti-fragile Resilience
      • Hacking the Brain
      • Fear vs. Excitement
      • Turnarounds “Speed is a Force”
      • Fixed vs Growth Mindset
      • Gravity, Levity, Bouyance
      • Perpetual Strategic Optimism
      • The Science of Grit
      • Massively Transformative Purpose
      • Blissipline


(Varies: 1 day – 14-day trainings)

  • Your teams will be on the forefront of taking advantage of exponential growth opportunities! There will be a hundred years of technological growth in the next decade and you’ll learn how to master strategic foresight, embrace positive VUCA, and capitalize on the future.
    • IT’S VUCA workbook to help guide your staff/stakeholders to start their VUCA Warrior training
    • Event planning & marketing toolkit
    • Selection from The Master Guide to Thriving in the 21st Century
      • Future Back Thinking
      • VUCA APPS: Accelerated Personal Performance Systems
      • Strategic Foresight
      • Flow Triggers
      • OODA Loop
      • BHAGS
      • Vertical vs Horizontal Thinking
      • Flipping the Script
      • The Noise Bottleneck
      • Whole Mind Thinking
      • Hacking Your Consciousness
      • Doing vs Being Different


  • Production of a short-format video by the IT’S VUCA film team to promote your NEW STORY commitment (including a version for social media); e.g. tell the story of your company’s FLIPPING THE SCRIPT journey that will inspire your employees and customers, document your organization’s VUCA vision or promote your engagement initiative
  • Customized online VUCA action plan for your employees/customers/stakeholders
  • In-person attendance of Q & A event or a keynote address by IT’S VUCA Director Chris Nolan and/or Host Mike Schindler
  • Tailored C-suite engagement opportunity with IT’S VUCA Film Makers and Experts

Next Steps

It’s easy to get started and we are passionate about supporting our screening partners. Please email us today for further information, bookings, and tailored programs. We look forward to partnering with you!

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