Whether you are a seasoned trainer looking to get into the coaching business or an executive coach looking to add to your curricula, the revolutionary VUCA MAX WARRIOR COACHES Training Program provides the latest researched and evidence-based in-depth training and course materials designed to equip new and experienced coaches on how to successfully train YOUR clients to take advantage of current radical VUCA conditions.



You’ll learn the little-known practices and have the latest tools, practiced and used by leading futurists, elite military leaders, neuroscience experts, business leadership gurus, and bestselling thought-leaders that will help you help your clients take advantage of rapid change, exponentially accelerating uncertain situations, and adverse environments – and ultimately achieve breakthrough success.


This competitive, selection-based program is perfect for seasoned trainers who are just getting started in the $14 billion coaching business and experienced coaches who want their clients to have the most up-to-date, accelerated, efficient, high performance methodologies that will help them maximize their mental, emotional, and financial well-being and attain mindsets and skillsets to achieve unlimited success.
If you are selected, you’ll be part of an elite team that is ushering in the new era of leadership and resiliency training, have access to some of the latest research and training tools, and be part of a community of high achieving, world-changing individuals.
By becoming a VUCA Warrior Coach, you’ll learn how to take advantage of uncertainty and attract profitable opportunities while helping your clients develop a 20x mindset and achieve their goals!



VUCA MAX Warrior Basic Training

  • 8 hours of basic VUCA course work – LIVE virtual teaching/training
    • Covers the VUCA MAX System: Includes 15 new practical coaching tools and new rules for success in complexity, uncertainty, and chaos.
    • ABC’s of VUCA MAX: Adversity, BHAGS (goal stretching), Creativity, Diversity
    • Adversity Immersion: Action > Reflection Workshop, Anti-fragile Mindset + Skillsets
    • Experiential+ Reflection Training, Adversity + Diversity + Exponential Empath
  • Strategic Business + Business Storytelling, redefining your message, story, identity, attitude and purpose.
    • Visioneering the Future. Foresight Workshops. [Map Your Future, Alternative Scenarios: Future Past + Future Back]
  • Transitional and transformational High-Performance Skillsets (Flow, OODA Loop, Courage, Decision-making in complexity & change)
  • VUCA workbook – delivered virtually to use with your clients
  • VUCA 50 Ways to Build Resilience, Morale, Productivity, and Foresight in a VUCA World Leadership Guide
  • 5 VUCA mini course work books

VUCA MAX Executive Level Training

This program includes all the VUCA MAX Basic Training coaching & materials, plus:

  • One year license to the IT’S VUCA: The Secret to Living in the 21st Century full feature documentary to use with your clients
  • Access to 12 monthly, virtual inner-circle advanced VUCA continuing education training that provides the latest VUCA training tips & research to use with your clients
  • Six (6) professionally cut film segments that address AWARENESS, NECESSITY TO ACT, RESILIENCE, FLIPPING THE SCRIPT, FORESIGHT, and COURAGE to use in your training environments with clients
  • Automatic access to newly developed training guides, tools, & videos
  • Ten (10%) percent referral fee for every qualified, executive level coach you refer who is accepted into the VUCA MAX training program

One on One VUCA MAX Mentoring

This program includes ALL of the program assets of VUCA MAX Executive Level Training as well as 6 hours of individual training/Q&A sessions with Chris Nolan or Mike Schindler. Depending on the topic, either 3x Emmy Award-winning producer/writer/corporate storyteller Chris Nolan or 2x author/10,000+clients/high-impact coach Mike Schindler will work with you on how to perfect the delivery of VUCA Warrior training.


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